Young couple dating since school complete NYSC programme together

A young Nigerian couple have melted hearts online after they shared before vs after photos capturing their journey.

The man and woman just concluded their mandatory one year National Youth Service together in the same state.

After graduating from school, they ended up doing their mandatory one year NYSC programme in the same state.

They have been been in a relationship since their school days and now they’re going into the labour market together.

Idara, the girlfriend shared the photos which showed them when they were still students, and a recent one of them during their passing out.

She hopped on the ‘How it started vs How it’s going’ trend to share their picture story which was a recreation of the same pose.

See the post:

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@raplord_effizy; So,all these hard guy na lamba. You don leave us for street

@Wemove19816853; Ona never still start life na. No be school ona just finish so?

@obajuwonlosam; Abeg all this people wey dey finish service na private university them go abi na poly students

@sharp_africa1; The girl getting more beautiful and the guy getting more mula . Nah Watin still hold Una,no lie

@halimahthebird; Bashar don leave us for street God when

@eniturn; Ehnehn? The same faruqbashar? Shey you dey whine me ni?

@adeolami_w; i cover you both from the evil eyes of single people

@jessotu; Written in the stars that y’all will pass out from the camp!!