Woman in Short Red Gown and Heels Dances on stage, Makes People Salivate and Scream (Watch)

Netizens have gushed over the energetic and youth-like performance of a woman on a stage at a concert.

At the concert, women who are 60 years old and above battled out on stage in a twerk contest.

The short clip saw about four women thrill the audience with their style of twerking, but there were standout performances.

One of the performances that caught the attention of netizens was that of a woman in a red dress.

In a short video shared by @cosmob7 on TikTok, the well-dressed woman took the floor confidently and began by going down slowly while facing the audience.

She incredibly suspended her upper body part while moving her hands slowly as she backed the audience.

She then rounded off her sizzling performance by twerking softly, quite to the admiration of the audience.

Watch the video below:

@cosmob7 This how the blues concert went 🤣🤣🤣 old ppl party better!!! #tucka #blues #pookeybear #twerking ♬ original sound – Brittany Cosmo B