Woman confronts school staff who threw her daughter out for wearing eyelash extensions, Ali Baba reacts

A parent standing up for their children is often expected and regarded as the responsible thing to do. However, it appears some parents take this expectation to the extreme and as is with this case, trend for all the wrong reasons.

Currently causing a buzz on social media is a video of a woman fighting a school security guard in broad day light. According to the gist, the woman whose daughter is a student of the famous Queens College, had brought her daughter to school.

However, due to the fact that the teenage girl was spotted with eyelash extensions, she was asked to go back home. Though the details of what exactly was said is quite sketchy, a fight soon ensued between the mother of the girl and one of the security guard.

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The video which has since gone viral on various social media platforms, got several reactions from internet users, most of whom condemned the mother for defending her child’s law breaking behavior.

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Ace Nigerian comedian, Alibaba has reacted to the viral video of the mother of a Queen’s College student fighting the security guards of the government-owned girl’s secondary school for turning back her daughter who fixed eyelashes.

The comedian who sarcastically wished the ‘Slay Queen’ student a happy mother’s day, stated that there are rules.


He added that he will use the comments passed off over the viral video to weed out people he described as “senseless” from his timeline.


Alibaba wrote “happy Mother’s Day… slay queen… from queens’ college. Not Queens’ College ooo. Because there are rules. (Let me come use this video to weed out some senseless people from my timeline)”