Wise Dog Joins Wedding Dance, Rejoices With Its Owners Who Just Got Married, Video of Rare Moment Goes Viral (Watch)

A video trending on Instagram has captured a rare moment when a dog joined its owners to dance on stage.

The couple just got married and were observing their wedding dance when the dog jumped on stage and joined the fray.

The dog named Ghost lifted up its two forelimbs and placed them on the couple who also reciprocated by holding on to the dog.

The moment was so nice that some social media users are struggling to find words to describe the scene.

Ghost did not wait to be called on to join and was also not ready to be sidelined at the party.

Its rare behaviour was met with so much joy and uproar at the party even as guests captured it with their cameras.

Watch the video below:


@larnzie25 commented:

“Awwww! That’s so cute”

@klash.jack reacted:

“Dogs jealous that the guys now got other priorities other then just him/her.”