Wife Uses Money Husband Gave Her for Bone Straight Hair to Start Poultry Business (Video)

A Nigerian lady, @sasha_mac_reality, has gone online to show the poultry business she started from the money her husband gave her to buy hair.

One day her husband asked her if she needed anything and she told him she wanted a bone straight. After some weeks, the woman reminded him and he gave her N360,000 for the hair.

The woman said that when she was going to take N195,000 out of the money to buy the bone straight, she had a second thought and saw that it was frivolous spending.

While thinking of business ideas, a YouTube page she stumbled on taught her about the poultry business and that was how she started.

In a video she shared on TikTok, the woman showed people the poultry and how her chickens have grown big. She is waiting to cash out on the business come December.

Watch the video below:

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