Why I Show Off My Family Online – Real Warri Pikin

Comedienne and actress, Anita Asuoha, popularly known as Real Warri Pikin, has opened up on why she loves flaunting her family.

The Delta State-born mother of two also stated that though some people who showed off a happy family online had a contrary life offline, that was not her case. She said, “One can’t blame people who have that perception because many have proven that that narrative is true.

However, I used to put things about me online even before I became popular. When I am happy or sad, I put it online. The narrative that some people’s lives online are different from what is obtainable at home has been proven to be true over time but there are still some people who experience genuine love.”

Real Warri Pikin, who has advertised for brands such as Benignant Forte, an investment company that was said to have defrauded many investors, maintained that she did a thorough investigation before she accepted to be their brand influencer.

She added, “I have a sophisticated team of professionals and intellectuals and they did a thorough investigation when Benignant Forte Nigeria Limited reached out to me. We asked for the necessary documents, interviewed them three times, and even visited their site. They signed me for only investment but I visited their real estate and pharmaceutical company.

After a while, I got a call from the company that they were halting their investment but they did not fold up. They were halting the investment because of some things I cannot say right now. They assured me that investors would get their funds in due time and they are working on it. I only told my fans to calm down but people started ‘dragging’ me online because of their past experiences with MMM and similar Ponzi schemes.

They were also making false claims about me but I want people to know that carry out my investigations before advertising for brands. This is the first time this is happening and it is quite unfortunate because I did my due diligence.

“The lesson I have learnt is that one should do what one can and not try to overreach oneself. One cannot be enough for everybody. I am always excited when my fans call me to say that I was instrumental in making them happy. Whenever I hear that people do not give up because of my story, I am usually happy.”