“Why I Insist I’m the Most Famous Person Out of Nollywood” – Pete Edochie

Veteran Nigerian actor Pete Edochie is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated, talented, and famous actors out of the continent.

After starring in huge commercial and critical successes like Things Fall Apart, Egg of Life, Billionaire’s Club, Lionheart, and more, it is no denying that the man has set himself apart and is worthy of the accolades and flowers he receives.

Pete himself is well aware of this and even touts himself as the most famous person out of Nollywood.

He is currently 75 years old and is currently working on what he believes is his best production in a long time.

Here’s what Pete had to say about his latest gig and why he believes he is the most famous person out of Nollywood.

Speaking about his latest project The Pledge and why he believes it’s the best thing he’s done in a long time, Pete Edochie said:

I like the script. The script is very relevant to the situation we’re experiencing now in the country. So I was delighted when I read the script and I said I’m happy to be a part of it. All the other productions I have taken part in, I’ve not had this kind of subject, no. I am the father of the young man who is being unfortunately requested to come out and campaign for the presidency. He’s a person who was born here, has lived here, they know his character, they know his person. This is why they said because of this man’s character and the fact that he has portrayed himself as being incorruptible, this is the man we want. On the other hand, the young man himself is not a politician but you see he has done so much for the people that they said no. If we give him this opportunity, he will even do more. So they kept disturbing him until finally he said, well okay. Let me oblige them. For me, it is very easily the best script I have done in a long time. For me, this is the best script for this moment. I sincerely believe that by the grace of God, it’s going to turn out very well. If it does, it’s gonna be a very big hit, and that’s my prayer.”

Speaking on the current state of Nollywood and why he believes he is the most famous person to come out of the industry, Pete Edochie said:

Well the movie industry is doing very well, marvelously well. It’s recognized all over the world. Technically, we are not there yet. If you watch most of 0ur movies, the sound is not always okay. Sound, sound, sound, that is the biggest problem we have in our movie industry. Mmm, fine stories, sometimes there’s repetition where the stories are but you see, if a story does well, people try to reproduce. Give it another complexion but it’s the same story line. I think we’re doing very well, we are. So many of us are recognized outside the country. At the risk of sounding very immodest, I think I am known outside the country more than any other person in the movie industry. Understandably because I did “Things Fall Apart” which has been translated into 70 languages so people still remember me. I think we’re doing well, very well.”

Pete Edochie is no doubt a legend. What do you think about his claim of being the most famous person out of Nollywood, and do you agree with it?