Who is Don Jazzy’s Mother: See Don Jazzy’s parents, Biography, Net worth, other children and more

A lot of people know Don Jazzy. He is a very popular music producer, record label boss and a musical icon. He is a very popular person in Nigeria and Africa. But how many people know much about the people that brought him into this world.

Who are the parents of Don Jazzy? Some people used to think that the late Nollywood Actor Enebeli Elebuwa from Delta State was the father of Don Jazzy.

The truth is that there is nothing connecting Don Jazzy and Enebeli Elebuwa apart from State of origin. They are both from Delta State.

The parents of Don Jazzy are Mr and Mrs Collins Ifeanyi Enebeli Ajereh. Don Jazzy’s father Mr. Collins Enebeli Ajereh is from the Isoko tribe of Delta State. He was a leader in the cherubim and seraphim church, a white garment church.

That’s the church Don Jazzy and his siblings were born into. That’s the church they still attend till date. Mr Collins Ajereh and his wife are living in the United Kingdom.

Don Jazzy’s mother is an Igbo princess from Umuahia in Abia State. That’s why Don Jazzy and his siblings always identify with the Igbos. Mrs Ajereh is a big business woman. She is also into music.

Mr Collins Enebeli Ajereh and his wife have four grown up children and many grandchildren. They four children are three boys and a lady. The only lady in the family is known as Joy Solano. She is married with kids. She and her husband resides in the United Kingdom.

Don Jazzy is a popular record label boss. He is the CEO of Mavin Records, one of the leading record labels in the Country. He is also a renowned music producer. Don Jazzy has a lot of artists signed to his Mavin Record label.

The head office of Mavin is in Ikoyi Lagos. His brother D’Prince is a singer under the Mavin Record. He has released a lot of hits in the past. He was with Don Jazzy during the Mo’hit era. They are all doing great.

Out of the four children that Mr. and Mrs. Collins Ajereh have, It’s only Don Jazzy that is yet to give them a grandchild. They have a lot of grandchildren already from the other three children. They are a big and happy family.

See beautiful pictures of the parents of Don Jazzy. They are all looking fresh and young.