“We Had Nothing But We Were Happy “-Browny Igboegwu Flaunts His Wife In New Photos

God’s timing is always the greatest. Browny Igboegwu and his wife are examples of people who are said to be patient in life.

This beautiful couple went through emotional trauma for a good 10 years before God decided to bless them with an amazing daughter who they are so proud of.

In a new post, the great actor, who adores his family, took to Instagram to share photographs of himself alongside his wife, telling fans that their love is nothing short of divine.

In his post, he discusses the importance of being positive, which he refers to as the secret to success. He went on to describe how happy and cheerful he was with his wife, even when they had nothing to cheer about.

He then advises his admirers to avoid evil and negative energy no matter what their condition as married couples may be, and that God’s miracles only occur in a tranquil setting.

He went on to advise wives to be submissive and husbands to always adore their wives in order to live a happy life together.

This is how the actor was able to live happily with his wife even though they didn’t have a child to raise. After 10 years of being together as husband and wife, God wiped their tears with a beautiful daughter, whose name is Ugochalacha.