We Asaaaa Mama All Day – Charles Okocha Having Fan Time Will Patience Ozokwo (Video)

Nollywood great female actress of all time Patience Ozokwo and Charles Okocha has warm heart on many people on social media and they are very happy and over joyous to see the great Nollywood Actress to have a good time in a healthy condition cause it has been along time now seeing her again.

Madam Patience Ozokwo’s contribution to the Nollywood industry is uncountable cause she is one of the then time Nollywood Actors that made Nollywood movies very interesting for people to watch and they built it stronger up to now and the younger ones are also enjoying.

Although She loves her work and she put herself Into but she is very attentive to her family as well and this makes her a perfect mother for her children. Just today we saw a video on one Instagram influencer Who goes by the name Charles Okocha having fan time will the Nollywood Actress and it was heart warming to say.

Friends and followers reacted to the video and they where very happy to see her still young and strong cause not all Nollywood Actress get to her stage of age and still live a healthy life like the way she is living now.

Watch the video below;


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