“I want to help him” – Pst. Chibuzor goes in search of disabled man hustling at building site

The sorrowful days of a physically challenged young man who has refused to let his disability turn him into a beggar appears numbered as Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of the Omega Power Ministries launches search for him.

A touching video showing the disabled young man carrying bricks at a construction site while using crutches to support his movement has been circulating online, thus the cleric’s intervention.

Taking to his official Twitter page, Apostle Chibuzor wrote: “Help me find this man.

“I saw this video of this disabled man, who despite his condition, went out to work hard and make a living, instead of begging.

“I have decided to relocate him to Port Harcourt and help establish him. Pls help me find him.Rt until we can locate him.”

Watch Video Below…