Wahala! Pastor Steals Church Instrument, Sells Amplifier Others To DJ (Video)

A video showing a Nigerian pastor confessing how he stole instruments from another church and sold an amplifier which was among the things he stole, to a DJ in Benin, Edo state has emerged.

According to clergyman named Pastor Uhunoma, who is the assistant pastor of Christ Victory Bible church located in Benin, he indulged in the act, because he wasn’t paid by the church.

He reportedly stole an amplifier, projector, protector screen, camera and light from another church before he was apprehended.

He confessed that he sold the amplifier to a DJ in Benin and gave out the name of the DJ.

Those who caught him asked him to take them to everyone he sold the stolen items to and he agreed.

Pastor Uhunoma was then queried about if he would continue stealing from a church after he’s freed.

In response, he unintentionally said he would stop if he got a job, which prompted the men to yell at him


Watch the video below: