Lady cries out for justice after a cabbie dragged her out of his car because she wanted her friend to join the ride (videos)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to seek justice after a ride-hailing app driver manhandled her because she wanted her friend to join the ride.

The incident reportedly occurred in Abuja today, November 16.

Videos shared online shows the moment the driver, identified as Ifeanyichukwu Chris, roughly dragged her out of his car and injured her in the process.

The victim, who sustained injuries on her knee and fingernail, is said to be in a clinic receiving treatment.

Read a report shared by the victim’s friend below.

So my friend was coming from town with BOLT and she decided to stop by my house which is barely 3 minutes away from her house to pick me up. She told the bolt driver she wanted to pick something up and he agreed to it with no complaint whatsoever.

She called me and I came outside and entered the vehicle, the man started complaining that she said she was picking “something” not a person that what am I doing in his car.

So my friend tried to explain to him that there is no law on the bolt app against carrying an extra person on your ride, why does he have a problem with it ??

Then we got into an argument this man said we should come down from his car and we refused because we haven’t gotten to our destination yet, this man carried a weapon from under his car seat, came down and was trying to drag my friend out with force !

He dragged her out and beat her mercilessly, please we need justice because we know bolt won’t do anything and we need justice, cause with the way the man brought that thing from under his car, it obvious we are not his first victim.

Watch the videos below.

See the friend’s writeup below.