Video of actor Walter Anga’s new mansion and street named after him

Nigerian actor, Walter Anga, has joined the list of huge home owners in the entertainment industry.


Many people toil all their lives just for them to be able to beat their chest and say they have been successful. In places like Africa, success is measured by the properties one has and the wealth they display.


The Nigerian entertainment industry seems to be a thriving one going by the number of celebrities who have acquired luxury properties for themselves. These properties include huge houses or expensive and state of the art cars.

Nigerian actor, Walta Angapukotanka Kalada, popularly called Walter Anga has joined the growing list of home owners in the entertainment industry. The film maker recently took to his Instagram page to show off his newly acquired mansion.

Interestingly, the huge house is also located on a street named after the actor. It appears the year 2020 has already started on a glorious note for Walter.


In the video shared on the actor’s page, he thanked God for his numerous blessings in the caption. In his words: “My God constantly humble me with his Blessings, Favor and now this. When God almighty is your pillar”.


See the video below:


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when God almighty is your pillar

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