Video Emerges As Native Doctor Invites Police, Ask Them to Arrest Man Who Wanted to Use Daughter for Rituals (Video)

A Ghanaian man went to see a native doctor and he wanted to use his daughter for money rituals, according to a video circulating on social media.

However, the native doctor was not keen on doing the shoddy job enthrusted to him as he promptly invited the police and asked them to arrest his client.

The man was said to have come for money rituals but the viral video shows police entering the herbal home and arresting the man.

The dad was handcuffed by the police just as social media users are applauding the native doctor for his action.

Watch the video…

Social media users react

@daddyfreeze said:

“No be juju be that?”

ladyque_1’s profile picture

@ladyque_1 commented:

“Herbalist way get fear of God.”

@omalishan said:

“Herbalist wey sabi.”

@db_naturals_ said:

“There’s some kind of irony in this. Las las no be everyone you fit mess with.”

@coprakary reacted:

“This world is changing for the best . Wow. Dis one mean say. The daughter head too strong.”

@adestitoali said:

“Nigeria herbalist left the chat n blocked the admin…God bless the herbalist n shame on the father.”

@mzz_urenna commented:

“Herbalist don turn to whistle blower.”

@mhiz_tomi02 said:

“Good, if he did not agree to do it for him, he will go elsewhere and still use the innocent girl. Glad he called police. Nigeria herbalist can never.”