Video Captures Moment Oyinbo Ladies Ate Garri & Groundunts for 1st Time, Their Reactions Make Nigerians Laugh

An oyinbo lady with the handle @farielysian who has lived in Nigeria for a relatively long time shared a video of her family trying out a Nigerian meal.

She bought garri and groundnuts and took to them abroad for her sisters to have a taste. Putting the garri in a plate for each of them, she added the nuts.

@farielysian revealed that her sisters were really hungry. The first lady who ate the food could not process the taste.

The last of the sisters who tasted the food really loved it. When their aunty came and took a spoon, she wanted more.

Watch the video below:

@farielysian They are trying Garri (Nigerian delicasy) for the first time 😂. #farielysian #fariferrari #smellmyhustle #naijalaughs #oyibogirl #garri #drinkgarri ♬ original sound – FARI ELYSIAN