Victoria Inyama give reasons she stopped taking her kids to church

Nigerian actress, Victoria Inyama, has said she has stopped taking her kids to church because, of the negative effects it has on her.

The veteran movie star who recently become a graduate of University of East London made this know through her Instagram page where she stated that going to church and listening to the pastor almost ruined her life.

She wrote: ” Thinking Out Loud… .Dealing with d guilt of not attending church for weeks with my children….I feel childhood induction is one of d worst aspects of Religion…. I know that d bible is a source of good practices on positive training but I don’t want my children to ever tolerate abuse like I did because of ‘Pastor said’ ….. I basically lived/endured Abuse/violence because ‘pastor said MARRIAGE IS ENDURANCE… PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE 😟…..I grew up attending church consistently like my life depended on it & reverencing d pastor/man of God..🤔Narratives & Facts are totally different, some of those narratives translated by some pastors destroys our ability for critical thinking which then affects our ability for logic based analysis of ideas. I don’t want anything that will change their intellectual capacity into a series of Emotional triggers based on wanting to belong, approval, judgement & fear. In Psychology, d illusionary truth effects makes d brain accept narratives it’s been hearing for a long time, e.g, Matt 5v39, I am still in bondage of this verse, makes me look weak when a person offends me & I just let it go……That must end with me, I grew up with that verse & it has been my greatest weakness, I will teach them about God myself & I will tell them to be kind / respectful but never allow anyone take d meeky….Have a blessed week ma lovelies.