Until you start paying rent, you’ll not understand why the prodigal son went home – Don Jazzy says

Don Jazzy, a Nigerian music executive, has stated that some people will not understand why the biblical “prodigal son” returned to his father’s house until they start paying rent.

The Mavin Records boss stated this in an Instagram post on Friday, August 19.

The prodigal son, based on the book of Luke, was a young man who demanded his father’s inheritance.

He ran away from home and began living a wild life with the money he received from his father.

Due to the unfathomable hardship, he was forced to take a menial job after squandering it all. When the pain became unbearable, he decided to return home to his father.

Don Jazzy, referring to the parable, stated that many people will not understand the prodigal son’s actions until they are faced with the financial responsibility of renting an apartment.

Until you start paying house rent, you’ll never understand why the prodigal son came back”, he wrote on his Instagram story.