“This One Na BugaPlus” – Two Kids Create Their Own Cool Style of Buga, Dance Inside Supermarket, Video Goes Viral

Two kids, a boy and a girl have joined the Buga train and refused to alight until they have sufficiently made themselves happy.

Buga by Kizz Daniel has gone viral and caught the attention of many dance lovers and the two kids did not fail to jump on it with pure excitement.

Their dance style has been described as amazing and unique since it did not follow the Buga style.

The two kids just decided to catch fun and it came out well and nice. From what is seen in the video, the kids were not concerned about whether they were following the trending dance style, they just wanted to catch fun.

The highest point of the dance video is that one of the kids just kept jumping up and down the supermarket.

Anyone who sees the video will surely ask if the boy was listening to the beats of the song at all. But his jumping and excitement added colour to their funny outing.

The incredibly hilarious video was shared on Tiktok by @kadidjapa15.

Watch the video below: