‘They Keep Telling Lies About Me” – Actress Destiny Etiko Rants On Facebook Live (VIDEO)

Nollywood Actress, Destiny Etiko, has raised alarm over the use of her name to scam gullible fans on the popular social platform, Facebook.

In a video shared on her official Facebook page recently, the screen diva said she had earlier lost her page and many fraudsters are using the opportunity to open fake accounts to impersonate her.

According to her, a flurry of people have created multiple accounts in her name and also engaging in a giveaway spree to deceive her fans.

However, the 32-year-old warned her fans to disregard any information dispensed in her name as her only page on Facebook is ‘Destiny Etiko Unlimited’.

Her words;

It’s crazy after all the hard work, someone else takes the glory

The most annoying part is they keep telling lies about me that I’m extorting money from people and that’s not fair”.

Watch the video below…