“The Cheerleader “- Tchidi Chikere Shares Lovely Photos With His Only Daughter, Tess

It is no longer news that the tie between a father and daughter is unbreakable. Tchidi Chikere is one of the celebrities who has a lovely family.

He is eternally grateful to God for his children, whom he adores. The great actor, who is also a film producer, understands how to make his children, especially his daughter, happy at any opportunity.

Despite his hectic schedule, he makes time to spend with his daughter, if only to show her how much he adores her. His daughter, who resembles her mother, is a wonderful young girl whom he describes as talented and intelligent.

Tchidi Chikere takes another photo with her daughter while chilling in their living room. He labeled the photographs “Cheerleader.” The lovely girl appears to be overjoyed to be seated next to her father.

According to the images, she indeed resembles a chair woman, as her father refers to her.

The lovely girl is his daughter with his wife, Nollywood actress Nuella Njubigbo. She was born in the United States. In the photo, the father and daughter look amazing.

See photos below.