Tchidi Chikere: “I Don’t Believe In Biafra As A Geographical Entity”

The launch of Operation Python Dance II by the Nigerian Army has raised tension in the South East of the country, leading to reported deaths in Aba, Abia state, and disruption to economic activities. Diamond Celebrities talked with Nollywood Director, Tchidi Chikere to know his view on the issue, read what he said below;

“ you believe in Biafra? I don’t believe in Biafra as a Geographical Entity, but as a state of mind and an economic entity. We remain in Nigeria and make our place an Economic hot spot. But with the kidnappings in the east..and murders etc..even that is a tall dream.

Except the south east government make security in the region topmost priority…Igbos will not bring their investments back home and develop the south east.

Let us continue to make noise about will only cost us more igbo blood and worsen the distrust and hatred of Igbos .

Right now there is no plan no strategy nothing..just noise and petitioning the the UN doesnt have enough problems on its hands already…Syria…North Korea…Isis. Etc
It is ill timed…before camouring for any Biafra..first things first..and those things will determine if Biafra is a worthy venture or not. These days you fight with your brains..not your fist.”