Six Ancient Powerful Shrines Where People Go To Seek Solutions To Their Problems In Nigeria

For hundreds of decades, Nigeria as a country has continuously been blessed through the natural resources, fertile lands and many more, but when things take a bad turn in people’s lives, that’s where shrines comes in. To many people in Africa and beyond, whenever a shrine is mentioned, the image and idea of voodoo comes to mind.

But that is not what defines a shrine, a shrine is where solutions to people’s problems can be found, shrines help people in several ways, for example, family curses are mostly broken in shrines, barreness can be cured there, the spirit of poverty as it is believed can be revoked in shrines.

So please, whenever you hear of shrines don’t always associate it with evil that is why today, I will be listing places, famous for solving spiritual problems.

1. Alu-Oshaeraen Esan

Alu-Oshaeraen Esan is a shrine located in Nigeria, the word Esan translates to shrine or temple while Alu-Oshaeraen means shrine of blood, the mysterious shrine was said to have been a lake before, but due to some injustice, the lake left to somewhere in Agbede. The shrine is believed to be between the border of Idunwele and Eguare in Ewu.

The indigenes of Idunwele Ewu go there to offer thanks as it central spiritual shrine of the Idunwele Ewu people, the shrine is protected and looked after by the families of Ugbekhilu or Ubene in Idunwele.

2. The Osun-Oshogbo River

For many many years, the goddess Osun is said to reside in the river, the goddess is known as the mother of all children as she represents fertility. The river goddess is worshipped annually, during a festival of rites performed around the river, worshippers and devotees around the world gather to worship her.

Worshippers leave to the River in hope of seeking solutions to their problems, and the goddess never fails in terms of helping her devotees and worshippers, especially in the area of marriage, child labor and the fruit of the womb.

But before she stretches her helping hand, the devotee is expected to promise what she can fulfill to the goddess after granting her desires, failing to keep to the promise always comes with a series of misfortune. The high priestess of the shrine is Adedoyin Talabi Faniyi.

3. River Ethiope In Delta

For several years, many have tried and failed to discover the secret which the river holds, all efforts has led to mystery. The clean pure water comes from four different locations of a huge silk tree, two of the locations are underneath the silk tree while the remaining two are from around the tree, how the water comes out of the tree is a thing of mystery.

From the entrance to the River, there is a shrine which a Chief priest resides over, apart from people who leave to tour the sacred place, people go to the River to get solutions to their problems, the river spirit always listens to their problems and afterwards, would give solutions to their problems.

4. Olumo Rock In Abeokuta

During the 19th century, when the people of Egba were in trouble, they took shelter in the rock, it’s believed that the spirits which reside in the rock protected the people from their enemies.

Over the years, people around the world go to the rock to meet Mrs Sinatu Aduke Sanni, the Iya Orisa Olumo who is believed to be 137 years of age and the person who guides the rock and also perform spiritual deliverance and divination to the people who need it.

5. Ogwugwu Akpu Shrine In Okija

In Igboland, there are several shrines but not as famous and popular as the Okija Shrine, Okija is a community in Ihiala. Okija community has several popular shrines, out of which is the Ogwugwu Akpu shrine situated at the banks of Ulasi River in Ubahuezike.

The shrine became famous after several educated young indigenes decided to become priests of the shrine and worship the deity, Ogwugwu. The shrine became famous as top elites flooded the shrine in search of solutions to their problems.

6. Oke-Idanre Hill

According to history, the community of Idanre came to existence after one of the descendants of Oduduwa stole the Ade-Ide (the crown of Oduduwa) which belonged to Oduduwa’s son and ran away with it along with those who supported him deep into the forest, after getting pursued for years, they discovered the hills and settled there.

The hill holds spiritual significance, like Agboogun footprint which is famous for identifying witches and wizards, secondly, Omi Aopara known as the thunder water which used to help warriors, the warriors would drink the water and anyone who drinks and thunder rumble, it meant that the person would die in the war, thus, such person should not be allowed to go for the war.

Thirdly, the Orosun Hill is a smoking hill always covered in a cloudy haze, this symbolizes the presence of Orosun, the goddess of fertility.

The fought and last one is the Arun River, a crystallize clear spiritual river which has the ability of healing people with infirmities who bathe in it.