SirChuks – CEO SirChuks Entertainment Global Limited

SirChuks – CEO SirChuks Entertainment Global Limited.
Daniel Chukwudi Iyidaja is a businessman, known popularly as SirChuks. An indigene of Umuopu in Ezike Oba, Igbo Eze North LGA Enugu State.
He is fully into entertainment with a pleasing parallel reason of making a difference. He believes so much in the orthodox that ‘charity begins at home’, and in conjunction to that, he is a philanthropist who accepts the norm that craves to convince us that there is no place like home.
A thing that everyone who know him well can easily attest to, and furthermore backup with some real breathing fact-based evidences.
First, he created a recording/movie producing company, dubbed after his own very name as “SirChuks Entertainment Global Limited” _ a company he has succeeded in signing four young and promising superstars from his hometown.
They are:
*Retain Gold. An afro singer who is a bomb behind the mic.
*Dili Dochy. A female artiste that has a voice that can thrill the world beyond.
*Lc Jay. A rapper with a charismatic energy of delivering motivational lines.
*Paul Mikels. An RnB performer who is lyrically good too.
SirChuks pledges to keep the world anticipating for more on every sides; movies, music, comedies, shows etc.
He has his focus mainly on his indigenous people. “Sky is the beginning, since there are foot prints in the moon” is a quote that is on the doorpost of his mouth always. A quote that could as well be interpreted as his motto for establishing an entertainment enterprise.
He is a young man that has stood to change the orientation of his people towards entertainment. To rephrase a culture that is beginning to seem as a perpetual mayhem!