Simi clears the air after Nigerians dragged her over her reaction to a “fake aww” an air hostess gave her daughter

Nigerian singer and mother of one, Simi has reacted after Nigerians dragged her for her reaction to a “fake aww” an air hostess gave her daughter.

The ‘woman’ crooner had taken to Twitter to air her displeasure over a greeting which she considers fake, her daughter, Adejare received from an air hostess.

“This air host guy really did one fake aww for Deja. Is it by force to say aw for baby. I did not greet you. She did not greet you. Why you fake aww my baby. God save you that I’m working on myself. Ko ko aw buruku danu,” she wrote.

The tweet was however not well received from netizens and they dragged her to filth, with many accusing her of doing too much on social media lately.

Reacting to the backlash, Simi in series of tweets noted that her comment over the ‘fake aww’ was pure cruise. According to her, the reactions her tweet received on the platform made her feel people have been looking for a reason to drag her.

She noted that despite being a celebrity she wants to be able to just joke about things on social media without fearing that her posts might be misinterpreted.

In her words.

“I actually want to address this seriously. Ok? I know I’m passionate about things I care about and I speak up about some of these things – I think this is why many people take EVERYTHING I say so seriously. But I’m a goofball. If you knew me KNEW ME, you wud love tf outta me.

I’m a serious troll. Not to be mean but for jokes. I troll all my friends for fun. I even used to write a blog where all I did was rant and troll my mum and siblings and friends and joke around.

Lately I hardly even comment on social issues (except for my single) because I’m experiencing a social disconnect 😪 but I’m working on myself lmao. I’m barely on twitter or indulge in social media as much. Maybe it’s old age (Olorun saanu). So pls relax

I was going into the plane with my mum and my baby was in a stroller. The air host at the door (a white man that didn’t know me or my father) was talking into phone. He could barely even see Deja. When we passed he said “hi awwn” in the strangest way. It was funny af to me…”


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