Simi celebrates daughter’s birthday with touching message (Watch)

Today May 30 is the second birthday of popular singer, Singer Simi‘s daugher, Deja and she has taken to Instagram to celebrate her.

The singer who recently revealed how her daughter says wild things right after she wakes up, shared memorable moments of her daughter via a video clip, from the time she took her first step to the present day.

She also penned down a lengthy emotional message to Deja telling her why she will always love her.

Simi who described Deja as her twin said she is everything she prayed for and much more. She also declared that she can never suffer but only prosper and shine in all her days.

She wrote:

My baby. My twin. You’re a wonder. You’re everything I prayed for and then much more. If I start to mention them now, it will turn to bragging. But I don’t love you because of how smart you are. I love you because you are the light of my life. I’m so proud to be your mommy. You’re my biggest, most precious, most wonderful gift. Your life and future are, as they have been since your conception, in the hands of God Almighty. Therefore you cannot fail. You cannot suffer. You will prosper. You will thrive. You will shine so bright in all the days of your long, fruitful life. You will be as strong as you are kind. Darkness will fear and evade you because God’s light will radiate from you and your spirit. I pray that you love and know God by and for yourself. All In Jesus’ Mighty name. I love you Adejare. My Joy. Ayo mi. I love you most of all. Happy Birthday Deja ❤️❤️🎈🎈“.