Meet The Youngest DJ In Nigeria, Here Is Her Name, Age And Other Things About Her (Photos)

Whenever you discover someones potential, no matter how young or old they are, try and invest on them. The story of Eze, a 6-years old Disco Jokey (DJ) artist from Nigeria should be a source of inspiration for you today. Infact, Africans parents needs to see this, and the best way to do that is by sharing this article.

Eze Chikamso is a youngest and famous Nigerian DJ who was well know as Dj Irish. She’s a 6years old girl who has over 36 thousands followers on her Instagram page, at her age. She has perfomed in many States in the this country of which Lagos is not excluded.

In this article, you will get to know about her journey into the music family, her education and what she aspired to become.

In an interview with her at “Premium Times” news media when she was asked how she met herself in the deejay’s world.

She explained normally that she loves listening to music but taking deejay as a profession, she started professionally in 2019, Dj Biggy is her boss, the one who taught her how to mixed songs.

She further her discussion by saying she’s the best student in her school, infact she won many awards in school but to tell the truth, going to school and being a deejay is not easy at all.

Dj Irish intends to become a Disco Jockey artist in the future, if possible for her, she might become a musician because she loves that too.

Her parents support her fully even her biological father is her Manager. So therefore, Nigerian and African parents should support their children in whatever field they are good at. You don’t need to force your children to force them to become what you want, each and everyone of us has our own talent and potential.

And remember your children are the future leaders.

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