See Photos Of Woman Who Claims To Have The Biggest Ass In Africa (Photos)

Nice Eudoxie Yao is said to
have the biggest bum in
Nice Eudoxie Yao, said to be
the woman with the biggest
bum in Africa has wowed her
fans with sexy new photos
and a video of her massive
The woman from Ivory Coast
with limited understanding of
English has met Nigerian
celebrities like IK Ogbonna
and Don Jazzy. She is not only
bootylicious as young people
will say, but she is also
explosively busty.
Nice Eudoxie Yao has made a
blossom career out of
parading her sensitive body
parts on social media as she
rocks skin tight outfits.
She is a big brand in her
country following
investigations as she is being
coveted by prominent money
bags. She is also a known
face on the television and
radio stations as interviewers
tend to make inquiries about
the natural status of her
gigantic assets.
According to the socialite
who uses her bum to taunt
and ‘oppress’ her followers
serially, she is an actress,
make-up artiste, model,
masseuse and generally an
entrepreneur with an
established presence on
virtually all the popular social
media platforms where she
reportedly harvests majority
of her business contacts
across the world.