Salle’s Mum Speaks On Her Daughter’s New-Found Fame And Fans(Video)

The aged mother of the fast-rising Nigerian singer and songwriter, Kosisochukwu better known by her stage name Salle, has sent her appreciation note to the general public for the love and support her teenage daughter has enjoyed ever since she broke into limelight few months ago.

Salle took over the Nigerian social media space with her angelic voice in September when a demo of her music video got to the internet.

The Singer who was running an errand for her mother when the music demo was recorded, instantly won the hearts of many Nigerians and foreigners on social media.

However, in appreciation of the love and support Salle has been getting since the day she was discovered on social media, her mom has taken a time out to appreciate and pray for each and everyone that has been contributing to her daughter’s music ambitions.

Salle took to her Instagram page this afternoon to share the video of herself with her mother.

“God bless you all for loving and supporting my daughter in her music. The love is much, may God bless you all!” The mother said.