Reactions as skitmaker Zicsaloma likens his hyperactive dog to Portable

Skitmaker Zicsaloma has sparked reactions for likening his hyperactive dog with Portable

The skit maker quizzed his dog, on being friends with controversial Nigerian singer, Portable.

In the video Zicsaloma put on his Instagram stories, the dog could be seen happily hopping up and down the bed, and round the room.

The skitmaker claimed the dog must be mad for scattering his room, just because he let it in. He could be heard saying:

I finally let this dog inside my room, excitement wan kill am. Eh!
This dog is mad, it’s not feeling fine. Ah ah!
Are you friends with Zazu, Are you friends with Portable
No no no, you come and go
Come and go o.
See the way you scattered my room upside down. Bye

Zicsaloma then asked the dog to leave, that it was done playing in his room for the day. See video and reactions below: