Rapper, Erigga reveals why Nigerian ladies should have their own money

Nigerian rapper, Erhiga Agarivbie, better known as Erigga, has revealed why Nigerian ladies should have their money.

Erigga in a Twitter post stated that having one’s money as a lady will prevent them from having unnecessary sexual intercourse with men in exchange for money.

He tweeted, “As girl living in Nigeria sha try to get money, e go save you from unnecessary fuck”

Some netizens have expressed agreement with Erigga’s tweet as they opine that it is important for ladies to have their own money because it would boost their self-respect and what they condone from men.

Some others argued that men should also learn to help women without expecting sexual favours in return.

See some responses below,

_codis_nab wrote, “There’s no greater feeling and respect than having your own money as a lady. It’s so archaic depending on a man for just about everything.”

kingdomigoloso wrote, “That’s the sad reality in this current times. I wish people can help others, especially ladies without expecting knacks “

nenejones_esq wrote, “I agree. But why would men always want to sleep with a lady because she needs their help? Can’t they just help without asking for sexual gratification? This mentality is sickening tbh.”