Pretty Force Women Sing Carry Me Dey Go My Husband House in UK Military Jet in Viral Video, Men Show Interest (Watch)

Two pretty Nigerian women serving in the United Kingdom military have become internet sensations after a video of them jumping on the Carry Me Dey Go My Husband House trend went viral.

The hilarious clip which was recorded at a paintball arena in the UK was shared by one of the ladies with the handle @Missindy3 on Twitter.

Rocking their force uniforms, the ladies sang Carry Me Dey My Husband House song aboard a non-functional military jet.

One of them went on to twerk to the song. It was however gathered that the ladies are married and just did the video for fun purposes.

Carry Me Dey My Husband House became a trend after a video of single ladies in church making marital requests to God in song went viral.

Watch the funny video below:

Netizens reactions

@chrisakoms2 said:

“Beautiful Nigerians in UK force, 9ja na failure but I wish you ladies well and healthy. Remember to tell your follow to get their PVC and watch out for our dear.”

@bsjmaga said:

“No engine for me…some girls have no character(engine) but want Jesus to carry them to husbands house.”

@Denis_menice said:

“See strategy. Position fine girl in war front to confuse the enemy and then attack from the flanks.. wisdom!!!”

@Austch said:

“Kwakwakwa I never ekspekted that…How this fresh women take enter military still dey catch cruise wella? I hope guardroom no dey await them, cos I am already in love with the camerawoman amongst them❤.”