“You Can’t Recognise Me” – Don Jazzy Declares As He Recreates Mummy G.O’s Swag, Dresses and Talks Like Her

Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy, is bringing out the inner Mummy G.O swag in him and his fans are loving it.

The music producer shared a video of himself recreating the popular preacher’s dressing and the way she talks In the TikTok video, Don Jazzy insisted that fans won’t recognise the new him, stirring massive reactions.

The Popular Nigerian music producer, Don Jazzy, has taken Mummy G.O’s style to another level with the new video he shared on social media. Don Jazzy referred to himself as Mummy G.O while dressing and talking like the popular preacher.

In the video, Don Jazzy said: “As Iam standing here noting in me now resemble me that time, at that time nobody yellow here, I don become white, my shape is different I’m not joking my hair is long.

“This is not the voice I’m using then my voice is so romantic and sweet everything about me, e for leave my beauty for me. The only thing to recognise that I’m still the one is these open teeth apart from that nothing.”

Watch the video below.


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Check out the Reactions Nigerians reacted to the funny video of Don Jazzy recreating Mummy G.O’s swag. We picked some of the comments, read below:

Daddyfreeze: “You are not well.”

Dukeofspadess: “In the spirit world.”

Askdamz: “Mummy GO needs to be stopped.”

Donflexx: “Literally the open teeth.”

Sheyebanks: “Open Teeth evangelical ministry international.”

Bustlineyetunde: “Thank God dem no take the open teeth. How we for recognise u.”

Creativedoc1: “It’s the open teeth for me.”