Popular Nigerian Male Comedians Who Dresses Up As Females For Their Skits

Nigeria Entertainment industry in recent era have been doing very well locally and internationally. Come to Comedy, a lot of Nigerians are now into online comedy skit and has been doing extremely well in it. A lot of them became successful through just online comedy skit.


Here are list of Notable male Comedians that dresses like women for their comedy Skit.

1. Josh2funny

Born Josh Alfred, the Nigerian comedian, actor and singer plays several characters while telling his jokes. His most popular alter ego is ‘Mama Felicia’ — a mischievous Nigerian woman who is always clad in ankara print and a shabbily tied headgear. She is always seen reading from an upside-down hymn book. With nearly two million followers on Instagram, Josh2funny is one of the most successful Instagram comedians around.

2. Mama Chinedu

Chukwudike Damian Akuwudike is a well-known comedian in Nigerian who goes by the name “Mama Chinedu”. He joined the comedy click in 2016 and started his skits in a unique way by dressing himself up as a woman which gradually gained him fame. He now has over 491 thousand followers on his official instagram page with more than 300 comedy skits made.

Mama Chinedu was previously known as Mrs. Dike before his younger brother joined in his comedy skits. He is truly talented and good at what he does. Checkout lovely photos of Chukwudike below.

3. Zicsaloma

Isaac Aloma Junior is popularly known as Zicsaloma, and happens to be one of the biggest women-dressing comedians in Nigeria. With over 983 thousand Instagram followers gained, the comical female character he portrays has been a source of livelihood to him as he started from the scratch until he got to where he is today.

Zicsaloma is also blessed with the talent of singing and was a lecturer at the Kaduna State Polytechnic in Kaduna State before he fully went into comedy. Outside his comedy, Isaac is really a handsome man with the swags.

4. Sir One-On-One

Popularly known as Sir One-on-one, Uchenna Igwe is an online comedian who dresses like a female. He was birthed on the 9th of October in 1989, and initially started as a standup comedian but gained more fame when he began his comedy skits dressed as a female.

Although he was born into a royal family, Igwe Uchenna didn’t completely relax, he still pushed until he made a name for himself. Checkout some lovely photos of him when he is off his comedy clothes

5. Oluwakaponeski

Oluwatobi Adeshina Onibatedo who is popularly known as Oluwakaponeski. Though he is an Ex-US marine, he still went ahead to pursue his dreams in comedy and has made a household name for himself through his extraordinary comedy skits.


He is called mama Tobi in his skits, and his character as a typical Yoruba lady is indeed something hilarious to watch. Checkout some lovely photos of him not dresses in his comedy female attires.

6. Steven Chuks

Akaelu Steven Ebuka portrays the female character so well that he could successfully pass for a lady.

Gifted with multiple accents and impressions, he portrays the dilemma women go through, using characters such as Madam Gold, Onyinyechi, Udodi, and Cleopatra, the high-class, proud and sassy woman.

7. Twyse Ereme

The Edo-born comedian plays multiple roles in his comedy series ‘Twyse and Family’. The major characters include Daddy Tobi, Mummy Tobi, Tobi, Taofeek, Sade, Ridwan, and grandma. He portrays the experiences faced in a typical African home.

Ereme Abraham, a UK-based comedian, boasts of over one million followers on Instagram.


8. Paul Scata

Ekejuiba Paul is blessed with a great sense of humour. He switches between playing the role of Brestilola, the big-breasted lady; Pragya, the shy Indian girl; and Natasha, the fake slay queen.

Even though he isn’t one of the most popular comedians, he is already making an impact on social media.

9. Madjohnny

JohnMary Chikwendu is a talented comedian who dances, acts, and mimics. He is popular for his role as a prophetess who is always delivering prophecies. He tries to mimic female evangelists and preachers from the eastern part of Nigeria.


10. Mama Uka

Odinaka Chukwueze Is popularly known as Mama Uka is a young comedian who poses as an old aged woman.


He got recognition by the public because of his comedy skits on YouTube channel and facebook.

As a good child to his parent, He surprised his mother with a beautiful house in their village.

People might criticized him considering the fact that he only did that after little emmanuella did same to her mother few months ago.