“Please Marry Me” – Lady Leaves Men in Awe after Carrying Firewood On Her Head, Makes African Food (VIDEO)

A young Nigerian lady has received praises from many people online after sharing a video of herself making ‘fufu’,

The hardworking lady first showed herself carrying firewood on her head before preparing and packaging the ‘fufu’ in nylon bags In a video that has gathered thousands of reactions on social media, the lady stood beside a fireplace and got to work.

A video of a hardworking Nigerian lady making ‘fufu’ from scratch with firewood has stirred massive reactions online. Fufu is a dough-like food made from boiled and ground plantain or cassava and used as a staple food in parts of West and central Africa.

In Nigeria, ‘fufu’ is usually made by boiling plantain, cassava, or rice, and then pounding it with a large wooden mortar and PESTLE.

Watch the video below…