Paul Okoye slams ungrateful follower who received money from him to survive Corona lockdown

Nigerian singing sensation, Paul Okoye, was left in total shock after an ungrateful follower of his showed their level of ingratitude following a gesture made to them.

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis in the country, a handful of people have taken advantage of the situation as they storm the social media pages of celebrities to seek for financial aid to help them through these times.

Celebrities like Toyin Aimakhu, Don Jazzy and others have partook in sharing love and care to people who may not be able to fend for themselves in these times.

Now, singer, Paul Okoye joined the league of these celebrities but after he blessed one of his followers, the anti-gratitude he got in return is what has him in utter shock.

According to Rudeboy, upon receival of the money, instead of the receiver to show appreciation for the gesture, they instead questioned the amount and the substantial things it could possibly be used for.

Shocked the entitlement and ingratitude, Paul took to his page to slam the follower and stated that when he asked to return the money back, he was blocked.

What he shared below,