“Papito Cheated And Denied Me” – James Brown Reveals Reasons Why He Broke up With His Boyfriend

The controversial crossdresser, Obialor James Brown, better known as James Brown and princess of Africa, has revealed the real story behind him breaking up with his boyfriend, Papito, after many questions he got from his fans who noticed they were no longer together.

According to James Brown, he said most of you have asked me, James, please, what happened to you and Papito? The truth is, darling, I’m James Brown.

I portray one thing most of you don’t believe in, I portray a boss bitch and hard work. I’m not a regular baby girl that depends on their boyfriend. I’m a baby girl that works hard to get something.

James Brown also added that he doesn’t know how most girls do it although he doesn’t say they shouldn’t have a boyfriend or sugar Daddy that spends on them, but she’s letting you know that you should also have your own money. If the guy starts misbehaving, you can leave him.

He added that what really happened between him and Papito was that he moved on even though the relationship was lovely, but it was lacking communication and another thing is that he does not share her relationship with anyone and he doesn’t like when his relationship denies him publicly because it is an insult to his personality and her whole crown because he is the princess of Africa.

He added that after Papito denied him publicly, he was pissed but couldn’t do anything because he was busy making money. So the real reason why he broke up with Papito is because he denied him in public. James Brown also said that Papito is cheating on him that he caught him with these regular girls.

Recall that James Brown and Papito were all loved up some months ago, although Papito’s identity was not revealed, but their misunderstanding started after fans found out who Papito was, so they broke up.