Oyinbo Man Abroad Who Lives Inside His Car Turns It Into Office and Works From There, Video Goes Viral (Watch)

A young man known as Mike on TikTok has in a video revealed how he gets strong internet for his work despite living inside his SUV.

Mike’s page is full of videos documenting his life on the road. According to the software engineer, he uses a network booster to get service when he is in an area with low coverage.

To work, the young man has a slab fitted to the passenger’s dashboard where he places his Apple laptop and works seamlessly.

He has a phone for tethered internet and mobile wifi. For power, Mike relies on the solar panels placed atop his vehicle.

In the clip, he revealed that his network reception generally got better when he got Elon Musk’s mobile Starlink. He demonstrated how he set the facility up.

Watch the video below:


splitska.posla said: “Dude, that is an illusion of freedom. Go home, don’t be alone.”

Dr. Sultan Wardag said:

“Man you are living 50 years ahead of us.”

SNOWTHAI MC 99% said:

“Remote work in Thailand. Many living on the road with 5G unlimited data. Working from a motorcycle and camping on a powdery white sand beach.”

Axel Linares said:

“I wish there were more people like you. Would bring house prices down.”

neoney said:

“I literally would love this! I’m planning on being a software engineer too, and I want to work remotely.”

user7523646590051 asked:

“US seems to be creating a nomadic lifestyle for its inhabitants. I wonder why so many are turning their backs on cities?”

user5622360921417 replied:

“Rent is up 40% in some areas.”