“Not Even a Kiss For Him?” Video of Man Gifting Brand New Range Rover to His Woman Sparks Mixed Reactions

Mixed reactions have trailed a video in which a man presented a Range Rover car to his woman.

Netizens are gushing seriously and reacting to the romantic way the car was unveiled to the lady.

In the interesting video which was shared on TikTok by @venora03, the lucky young lady was led in blindfolds to the spot where the beautiful whip was parked.

As her eyes opened and she beheld the exotic surprise, she went wild in jubilation and hugged her man tightly in appreciation.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

According to @venora03, the car gifted to her is her dream car. But one TikTok user with the handle @mercyernest was displeased that the young lady failed to give her man a kiss.

@mercyernest said:

“Not even a kiss for him anyways congrats.”

@hayati said:

“God forbid there are more husbands who know and know how to please their wives always, congratulations.”

@chichi said:

“Omo congratulations! My dream car. Omo Range Rover white. One day on God. Happy for you dear.”

@StarLady4life said:

“Congratulations to ma, am next to be congratulated.”

@chigbu_collins said:

“I no fit buy any girl wey I never marry car talk more of an SUV.”

@user2946639938286 said:

“You Just acted like say na golf 4 them gift you.”

@Vickypweedy8 said:

“The surprise look staged congratulations all the same.”

@allied bond said:

“Hope you done buy for your mama first before your girlfriend unless if she’s your wife?”