“No girl can genuinely love a guy that’s broke” – BBNaija star, Sammie sparks debate

Big Brother Naija star, Samuel Jacob popularly known as Sammie, is of the opinion that a girl cannot genuinely love a guy that’s not financially buoyant.

He said this in reaction to a question posed by a Twitter user who asked if it is possible for a lady to love a broke guy.

See below.

His post has sparked a debate on social media as some netizens object to his stance, while stating that ladies can love a guy that’s struggling financially.

However, some others agreed with him using the popular notion that only women and children are loved unconditionally while men are only loved because of what he can provide, to back their point.

See some reactions below,

irenegodwinn wrote, “Says who? Please y’all should dead this assumption already,it’s tiring. Just say you’ve not met girls that stay with struggling guys or you can as well say the percentage is low. But outrightly saying no girl loves or will ever love a broke guy is an assumption that y’all need to remove from ur head, it’s sickening.”

derrick_nnaji wrote, “Women are loved unconditionally but a man is loved in the condition of he can provide.. this life no favour the masculine gender.”

l.tobiloba wrote, “That’s a lie. There are still few ladies who will genuinely love a guy regardless his financial status.”

mcmonicafrmm wrote, “But na true na,Dey can only feel pity for you..no love”

generalcheekz_prince_of_cubana wrote, “I’ve seen women who support and encourage a struggling guy, as long as you try.. then they got your back 💯💯. Oga you’ve been meeting the wrong set of women 😂😂”