Davido Takes His Gym Workout To Another Level, Uses A Big Hammer To Hit Articulator Tires Like A Soldier (Video)

Davido might to be contesting for Mr. Olympics very soon because he has taken his gym workout to another level and even MMA fighters have been left jaw dropped.

The singer who has been rigorously working out since the beginning of this year is gradually seeing the results of his consistent exercising because his arms have tightened up making them appear more like a weight lifter.

Davido has dropped another workout session on his IG page which has blown the minds of his fans away.

The leader of the 30 billion gang was training like a professional world heavyweight athlete. The music superstar was filmed hammering an articulator tire in a very energetic manner .

Aside from hitting the heavy tire with his hammer, he also carried another huge & gigantic tire around his compound for some minutes before finally resting on the bench.

In the caption he attached to the video that has since gone rife on the internet, Davido hinted that – That is how he will aggressively face this year.

Watch the video below to know more.