Nigerian man shares how his girlfriend usually react when he’s leaving for work (Video)

A Nigerian man took to his social media page to share the rather interesting way his girlfriend usually react when he’s about to go to work.

He made a video capturing a moment he was on his way to work and how his girlfriend reacted – as can be seen in the video, the lady wasn’t necessarily happy that he had to leave for work and wore a sad and displeased face.

Trying to console her, he then calls her to his side and tells her “sorry, I have to go to work” before she sniffs as though she was crying. The video has been trailed with so much reaction with a number of netizens saying if she had work that she was doing then she wouldn’t be doing childish things like this.

Watch the video:


The reactions that most users had to the video centered around these two comments,


One user, evelyn____xx wrote, If to say she she’s working she won’t be doing mumu things like this


_motolani__; No be every girl go work some are destined to be just odogwu wife 😂