Nigerian man ‘punished’ by his wife for eating outside (video)

A video shared online captures the funny moment a Nigerian man was ‘punished’ by his wife for eating outside instead of coming home to eat the meal she prepared.

In the hilarious video spotted on social media, the man is seen kneeling down with his hands raised up as a woman presumed to be his wife, queried him for eating out despite being informed beforehand that she would cook.

When his wife asked what he ate, the man disclosed that he ate Spaghetti Bolognese with goat meat and other delicious assorted meat.

The wife who was holding a hanger to mete ‘punishment’ on him, playfully hit him with the hanger and chided him for eating out when she already told him she would be cooking beans and plantain.

Watch the funny video below…


The couple’s video has sparked different reactions from Nigerians on social media as they air their two cents about the ‘punishment’.

See some reactions below,

@siradmilkiss wrote, “So I should leave party Spaghetti Bolognese to eat beans and plantain”

@beautifulprincess342 wrote, “Cruise Couples I Like This Tho! Life No Hard Abeg”

@quinbelbon wrote, “this is what many couples wish for o, a happy marriage lol. I pray they stay this way forever”

@mayorex.99 wrote, “Domestic violence! The God when version”

@b.cheque wrote, “You self hear the food now beans and plantains haba for night 🤣🤣 y e no go chop outside”