Nigerian lady motivates social media users with her amazing physical transformation

A Nigerian lady has wowed social media users with her incredible body transformation which took place in less than a year.

Dammy Eneli took to Twitter to share photos of her before vs after changes and revealed that it took her 10 months achieve the result.


According to her, when she began the weight loss journey in January 2021, she weighed 109.3kg, by October 2021, she lost 34.3kg, which brought her new weight to 75kg.

Sharing photos, Dammy wrote;

“Your girl did that! (January 4th 2021-October 25th 2021 )”

Some netizens posed some questions on how she was able to achieve her new physique.

@OnyeAguata; Congratulations, no surgery???

@Dammy_eneli; Nope, just gym and diet

@SangoCrypto; please can I get your diet plan?… Na for my sister abegFolded hands

@Dammy_eneli; Hey! I didn’t exactly have a strict diet plan, it was mostly portion control and intermittent fasting, but tell your sister to follow @dammysfitnesscorner on Instagram, I’ll be giving out all the diet and exercise tips there

@osaivbie_; Wawuoooo. The belly fat Sheds without excess skin. Nice nice. Great job.!!! My fear about the weight loss journey is saggy skin ,boobs and bicep.

@IfyOzukwe; Congratulations. I can only Imagine what you intentionally put yourself through. Much respect maam. You did it, indeed.

@gechife; congratulations on choosing such healthy path, takes a lot of strength and willpower.