Nigerian lady gives her life to Christ, sets fire on all her wigs, makeup & trousers

A newlywed Nigerian lady identified as Lorritha Ezekiel Olorunda has revealed that she recently gave her life to Christ. The lady also shared the step she took after giving her life to Jesus Christ.


In a post shared on Facebook, the lady revealed that she gave her life to Jesus Christ after God sent a motorcycle rider to her. She said she had boarded a bike and the rider started preaching to her.

She explained that the rider was saying the same thing her husband had been saying but she never listened. She noted that she took action about it immediately she got home and burnt all the worldly items she possessed.


Olorunda said she burnt her makeup, wigs, and trousers. She also shared photos of the items burning. The newlywed advised people to do the same and forget about worldly things.


She said people should not be found in hell when God remembers them.


She said there is still time for people to amend their ways before it is too late.