“How Did I Reach Here?” – Actor Apama Laments, as his 2 Kids Decided To Repaint His Car (Photos)

Children are always out to do what makes them happy, regardless of whether it’s reasonable or not. Apama’s daughter, Audrey, has always got people laughing on social media with her antics.

Just a few minutes ago, Apama took to his Instagram page to share lovely photos of Audrey and her younger brother rocking matching outfits.

According to him, Audrey and her brother have made a resolution to repaint his car and even the rooms in his house. In addition to this, hide all the remotes in the sitting room.

He went further to jokingly ask how he managed to get into this mess. Parents are usually happy when their kids make them happy, just like Apama’s kids.

Today is not the first time Apama’s kids have come up with laughable actions. They are indeed mimicking their father. Apama is both an actor and a comedian.

He has been seen severally cracking people’s libs with his daughter, Audrey. Indeed, Audrey is following in his footsteps.

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