“Never tell a man his ‘gbola’ is weak to spite him because another woman will give him an Oscar performance” – Francis Van-Lare tells women

US-based Nigerian businessman, Francis Van-Lare, has advised women against telling a man he cannot perform in bed just to spite him.

According to him, making such statements might make a man engage in extra-marital affairs to test his sexual strength.

Van-Lare, who has been married and divorced five times, took to Facebook to share this advise as he recounted his personal experience with one of his ex-wives.

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Sometimes negative things said about you is your tonic to get up an excel to prove them wrong . One lady I was once married to could not find anything her mouth could spit out to shake my confidence in the middle of a heated argument so she resulted to personal attacks,” he wrote.

She said my gbola was weak and could not perform and all the orgasms she has been exhibiting were fake just to make me feel good . Instead of allowing that statement to dampen my spirit which was her intent , I called up a babe that has been chatting me up and I have not paid attention to her to meet me . My gbola and her kpekus connected wella and she had 9 orgasms that is not faked

“So when the so called wife repeated the statement again I was grinning ear to ear as I have my independent tester to prove her wrong and in the meantime denied her my gbola. She can go and find her own Mandingo not me . Never tell a man that his gbola is weak or cannot perform to spite him . Another woman will give same gbola an Oscar performance.

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