“N2.6m for just one hair?” – Hair vendor shows off her hair wigs collection & prices, many raised eyebrows (Video)

Many internet users have raised their eyebrows as a hair vendor showed off her collections of hair wigs.

In a video she shared via her TikTok page, @Candycurisng, the young lady placed names and prices each on her wigs.

In the video compilation of her wig collections, the lowest price of her wigs was N800k.

The highest price of the hair wigs was N2.6 million and it generated massive reactions from netizens.

Many social media users claimed that it will be very wasteful of someone to spend such amount of money on hair.

While many condemned it, some revealed that the collections of hair wigs is so affordable.

Watch the video below:

@candycurlsng Replying to @Oma Jay 🦋 #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Julia