“My mom made sure I can cook anything I want to eat” – Nigerian man shares how he prepared food and fed his neighbour whose wife refused to cook

A Nigerian man on Facebook, identified as Prince Obua has appreciated his mother for teaching him how to cook because, according to him, it is not easy to find responsible ladies to marry nowadays

Prince Obua revealed this on Sunday, July 3, after he prepared food and fed his neighbour whose wife refused to cook. He wrote on his page

“A man came back from work and bought some food items so his wife can prepare food this evening and when he gave it to his wife..she took it and kept it in the kitchen and went inside to start pressing phone. The man said go and prepare food now am seriously hungry and she said I can’t enter that kitchen this evening that he should go and find anything to eat till tomorrow,” he wrote.

“So when I came back home I saw my neighbor breaking coconut so he can drink garri. I was thinking he was breaking coconut just for eating it..so he said I should join him let’s drink garri and I was like why..he said my brother no be small thing oo

‘So I prepared food and invited him so we can eat..so I started asking him why he is drinking Garri this night when his wife is around..the man started explaining. just because the man know nothing about kitchen….My mom knew it.

“My mom knew my generation will be hot that’s why she trained me to be homely and made sure I can cook anything i want to eat because getting married to a responsible girl in this our own generation is not easy. Girls of this our generation are hot.


“Our parents were so lucky with marriage. Those days but this our own generation is fire. I have not seen anything a woman can do for me in term of home work. Any woman getting married to me is in trouble because that period you give me attitude is when I will prepare something more special to eat and lock it up after.

“Forget about relationships..90% of the relationship you see today are fake.. some are in a relationship with a target. Relationship is never an achievement. If some people tell you what they are passing through in marriage.

“if you are single you might be discouraged. Expensive wedding has nothing to do with marriage. When you enter you will know…even if you don’t have money or car and you are blessed with a good girl in this our own generation just thank God because is a very big achievement because girls of this our own time are fire..them no send you”