“My long throat pregnant wife” – Man shares how his pregnant wife made them go out early just to get “Aboki tea and bread” (VIDEO)

A gentleman took to his social media page to share how his pregnant wife made the both of them go out early in the morning because she was craving “Aboki’s bread and tea”

He made a video showing himself and his spouse who was already enjoying her highly craved breakfast. He’s heard saying,

This woman took me out of the house this morning because she wants to eat Aboki tea and bread.

When he then challenged her about the health risk of the food she was having, she responded to him saying, “No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper

He later asked her if now, he’ll have rest of mind since she’s gotten what she wanted to which she replied saying she doesn’t know. She then went on to tell him of the irony of her cravings as though they had tea in their house, she just wanted that of the street’s Aboki.

Watch the video below…